Something Random has been providing shipping and forwarding services to hundreds of satisfied customers.

We specialize in US-to-Kenya and UK-to-Kenya package forwarding services for consumers and businesses who need to shop tax-free from the USA and UK.
Our warehouses are located in sales-tax-free Delaware, USA and Wembley, UK. The location is not accidental. Our warehouse in the USA operates in Delaware to extend the complete benefit of sales-tax-free shopping to online shoppers in Kenya.
Our Concept
We provide a shipping address to online shoppers in Kenya and USA in a sales-tax-free US state. Shoppers use this US and/or UK address as their shipping address for shopping in USA & UK based online stores and auctions. Shoppers can also use the address as a mailbox for their US and/or UK mail or magazines.
Based on customer’s directions, we re-ship individual packages or consolidate multiple small packages to a single package, saving on shipping costs, and forward shipments to almost any address in Kenya the customer chooses.