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Insurance costs 5% of the value of goods

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  • Once we receive your goods, we will confirm the weight and notify you that your goods have arrived along with your invoiced amount due. 
  • Payment is due immediately upon collection or delivery.
  • If you fail to collect or make arrangements within 30 days of notification that your goods have arrived, we will store your goods for an additional 30 days at a fee of Ksh. 50 per pound of goods per day. 
  • After 60 days, Something Random pays your invoice on your behalf and you forfeit your items.


  • UK goods are insured at Ksh 714 per Kg.
  • US goods are insured at Ksh 630 per pound up to 24lbs. From 25-49 lbs good are insured at Ksh 588 per pound. From 50-99 lbs goods are insured at Ksh 546 per pound. Goods over 100lbs are insured at Ksh 504 per pound.
  • If your goods exceed weight value, Please Insure Here.


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